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Jamming Gripper + Elephant Trunk

Jamming Gripper + Elephant Trunk = Awesome still in the early stages of development, this concept is trying to combine one of the more┬ádexterous animal manipulators with the jamming technology we have seen popularized through the coffee ground filled balloon grippers. The arm is made up of a bunch of different jamming segments stuck together […]

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MaKey MaKey: Creative Open Hardware Project

Check out this cool open hardware project developed by two MIT alums! The MaKey MaKey is a “simple invention kit for beginners, experts, and everything in between.” It works like a circuit board that allows the user to create devices through simple alligator clipping, but can also be used as an Arduino. This video demonstrates […]

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Roomba Pacman

Roombo Robot vacuum cleaners are back, and they’re playing one of the most classical games in the history of video games: Pac-Man. Several students from Colorado University programmed five robots to efficiently play a game of Pac-Man. They play on a virtual maze, with position tracking that eliminates the need of any sensors for walls. […]

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Rolling Caterpillar Robot

Biological robots are pretty common for what they’re worth, but this is perhaps one of the cooler ones. It’s a robot that can react similarly to a certain kind of caterpillar, which rolls itself into a loop and can roll and launch itself at incredible speeds. The caterpillar is truly is an example of nature’s […]

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Robot Snake Surgery


Imagine if a robot that looked something like a snake was making it’s way through your intestines and vital organs. It’s not the prettiest thought, but it just might become reality very, very soon. Developed at Carnegie Mellon University, this robot snake is equipped with a powerful camera, multiple sensors, and tools that allow it […]

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What is so attractive about a robot that mimics a jellyfish? Well, it’s theoretically immortal, has a simple repetitive movement that cycles slowly and easily, and it can travel deep underwater. RoboJelly is a robotic jellyfish that does all of this. Based on the moon jellyfish, it has a bell as a body, and pulses […]

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Passive Walking Robot

Imagine if a robot could move without using any power at all. Sounds ludicrous, right? But a new robot make by the Nagoya Institute of Technology does this: the robot requires no motors, electricity, or anything of the sort to move. Just a little push. The robot moves with only it’s own weight. Made of […]

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