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DARPA Cheetah Robot Breaks World Record… Again!

28.3 miles per hour – that’s how fast this four legged robot can run. The “Cheetah,” developed by Boston Dynamics, had already set the world record for the fastest legged robot earlier this year, reaching a solid 18 miles per hour, compared to the earlier record of 13.1. And somehow, in the matter of months, […]

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A New Generation of Mars Rover

Mars. The red planet named after the Greco-Roman god of war has been the setting of numerous publications, from scientific journals to science fiction novels. In the science and astronomy community, Mars is a point of considerable interest, and NASA has created many space probes sent to unlock some of Mars’ mysteries. The latest robotic […]

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Film Technology

Technology in the film industry keeps improving all the time, as most of us have seen in many recent films and animations. It’s been used to superimpose images, duplicate faces, create monsters, and even to animate more realistic hair. So, let’s take a look at a few interesting uses for technology on the set! +80 […]

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Landing on the Red Planet

Have you ever experienced an unquenchable desire to go places humans have never gone before? In this video, engineers from NASA’s JPL tell you how they solved the multitude of challenges facing the entry, descent, and landing (EDL) of a mars rover onto the surface of mars. From resolving the heat issues upon entering the […]

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A Smoother Helicopter Ride

Imagine a pole with an egg on top being balanced on the tip of your finger. It takes considerable dexterity and reflexes to maintain the balance. Attempting to navigate around a room while maintaining a balance is a feat that few can accomplish. Imagine this scenario up-scaled to a helicopter carrying supplies slung underneath it. […]

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Wearable Multitouch Projector

Microsoft’s Research department seems to do a lot of work related to depth cameras, which has resulted in some pretty incredible stuff, including this “Wearible Multitouch Projector.” Have you ever seen a SmartBoard? It’s a bit like one one of those, but portable, and compatible with every surface you can possibly imagine, not just a […]

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Microsoft’s Future Home


Imagine your own future home, what does it look like? Buildings that made up our homes had evolved. Today pipes and wires are all hidden behind the wall that we don’t notice using them. Tomorrow we will see the computer system are hidden, while amazing functions are right in front of your eye. +30   

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