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Helen Greiner Creates Real Life R2-D2

Co-founder of iRobot is one of many of Helen Greiner’s claims to fame. She is truly an extraordinary pioneer of robotics and has advocated their use for “everything from sniffing out bombs along Baghdad roadsides to exploring pyramids in ancient Egypt to mopping a kitchen floor.” She was inspired by R2-D2 in Star Wars to create […]

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“Robots are Cool!” – will.i.am

I’ve shown this video to hundreds of people, and every single one of them has walked away, amazed at how many celebrities and figures in our community think ROBOTS are COOL! Every student in the nation needs to watch this inspiring video which showcases some amazingly popular individuals endorsing robotics. +230   

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Women and Social Robotics

To all the women out there, heres an awesome article that describes what unique talents some women are bringing to the table. A field that is heavily pioneered by female roboticists is social robotics, where the robots that we interact with daily are being made more user friendly and aware of their surroundings. Great job […]

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