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Robot Helps Kids During Treatments

Going to the hospital may be scary for some, especially kids. Now there’s a way for kids to reduce that fear, through interaction with RxRobot’s MEDi. MEDi stands 23 inches tall, has 25 degrees of freedom, and is equipped with cognitive behavioral skills. The robot talks to kids about the procedures that they’re about to […]

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Simon Says

With more and more robots coming to the aid of the ever-lazier human, it’s easy to be swept off your feet by those quiet, busy bots and lose all social function. But fear not, robot enthusiasts! Researchers at Georgia Tech. have been working on Simon, a servant/companion robot built for the home. Human-Robot interaction is […]

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My Automated Conversation coacH

A lot of the time, the way that you speak is just as important as the selection of words. However, analyzing speaking habits is much harder than diction, so how do you even prepare for that crucial job interview? Well, researchers at MIT have created a robot that can help you with that. My Automated […]

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Human-Robot Interactions in the Kitchen with Snackbot

This robot goes sort of more in the direction of psychology and human-robot interactions. Snackbot here has been around but recently it has been showing some interesting science of interaction. Snackbot has actually existed for quite a few years; it was created by students, faculty, and office workers at Carnegie Mellon University. Basically, the Snackbot […]

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Marionettebot, the Robot Mannequin

This sketch from MADtv shows a killer mannequin… So now some of you might be eternally afraid of mannequins now. No? Well maybe this next robot will show you how afraid you should be (not really). Meet Marionettebot. This robot is a mannequin that mirrors the moves of humans who stand in front of it. […]

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Blind Juggler Robot

A few articles ago I wrote about a robot for Disney that can juggle balls with people. Well, this robot is a bit lonely, maybe because of its lack of eyes (visual sensors), and its talent would never have been discovered had it not been built by two members of the Swiss Federal Institute of […]

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Juggling Disney Robot

If you want to juggle with someone who will never drop the ball, then come to Disney! Disney Research has recently been working on more interaction between entertainment robots and guests at its theme parts, that juggles and throws balls with a human player. The robot uses the video provided by an external camera, and […]

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