Passive Walking Robot

Imagine if a robot could move without using any power at all. Sounds ludicrous, right? But a new robot make by the Nagoya Institute of Technology does this: the robot requires no motors, electricity, or anything of the sort to move. Just a little push.

The robot moves with only it’s own weight. Made of two pairs of swinging pendulums, a single push triggers two to go forward and two back. Once this effect is achieved, the slope of the ground is sufficient for the “legs” to move of their own volition. This robot got into the Guinness Book of Records for walking non-stop for 13 hours, taking 100,000 steps and walking 15 km.

Scientists are hoping that this passive robot could help people who have difficulty walking to require less force on the person’s part in order to walk. However, that’s a long way off, so until then, enjoy this amazing model of mechanics in action.

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