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Self-Charging Robot

For mobile robots, one of the most crucial tasks is charging. Forgetting to charge a robot will stop it from working, which could potentially lead to complications. So this leads to the question: how could robots charge themselves instead of having to make humans remember to charge them? Meet Melvin. He looks normal in most […]

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Robot Fish Blimp

Robots, fish, and blimps don’t seem very parallel at all. Yet they come together in a remarkable cool robot: the Electroactive Polymer Robot Blimp. Made by Empa, a Swiss Federal Laboratory that specializes in material sciences, the Robot Blimp is lighter than air, eight feet long, and has actuators that act like muscles to move […]

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I-Swarm Micro Robots

It is a technological advance to facilitate the mass-production of micro-robots, which can then be employed as a “real” swarm consisting of more than 100 micro-robot clients. These clients will all be equipped with limited, so-called pre-rational on-board intelligence. The swarm will consist of a huge number of heterogeneous robots, differing in the type of […]

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Keepon Cute Robot

The simple bloblike shape of “Keepon” belies its subtle complexity. Inside the dancing blob are 4 motors that control its side-to-side and forward and back head bobbing, the rotation, and the up and down motion as Keepon interacts with people. Using cameras located in the eyes, Keepon is able to recognize faces and actively interact with people […]

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Robotic Hand Juggling

The high speed robotic hand from Japan has some new moves. This time, its trying to impress us by juggling! The high-speed hand and arm has an even higher speed vision system that allows the robot’s controller to plan for catches and throws (up to nearly 2 meters in height) at a breathtaking 500 frames per […]

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Jamming Robotic Gripper

This video fascinated the world when it was first released. The robot is comprised of a balloon filled with coffee grinds. Simple… and the revolutionary concept of “jamming” the particles together by drawing a partial vacuum has allowed this hand to grasp a wide variety of objects that even humans have a hard time holding on to. […]

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16-gram Hexapedal Robot

This tiny little bug weighs in at an impressive 16 grams. The lightweight, simple construction is achieved through  “Smart Composite Microstructures” (SCM). The SCM process follows a few simple steps that essentially create a sandwich with rigid composites on the outside with flexible polymer inside. By controlling the location of the flexible polymer, the resulting structure can […]

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