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Flexible robot grippers


The human hand is a marvel of biological engineering and is, without a doubt, incredibly valuable. So if you had to cope with a robotic, two-fingered hand for the rest of your life, chances are you would be more than a little nervous. Aside from the “inconvenience” of having your hand spontaneously morph into an […]

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Balloon Animal Bot?

Clowns are creepy. But the balloon animals they make are great! Don’t you fret, because RE2 Robotics has got your back! The Highly Dexterous Manipulation System, or HDMS, includes dual robotic manipulator arms mounted on a movable humanoid torso, which can be easily mounted onto a robotic platform to perform a multitude of tasks. As […]

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Beer Pong Bot

Want to ensure the inebriation of your friends? Well this is the bot for you! Instead of fingers, this bot uses balls filled with sand-like material, and tightens/loosens the grains to grip/release the ball by pumping/sucking out air. Be sure in your opponent’s ultimate drunken demise; this robot does not miss. +50   

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“Wrapping” Robot Snake

Now I know, robot snakes aren’t by far new. Snakes, with their sleek bodies, lack of appendages, and smooth movement, have been the inspiration for useful robots all around. For example, this little robot. But now, scientists at Carnegie Mellon’s Biorobotics Lab have taken it a step further with a robot snake that can wrap […]

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Inflatable Robot Arm

In general, robot arms are usually bulky and heavy, which sometimes makes them impractical in usage. However, this new robotic arm made by iRobot will change it all. This new robotic arm, called AIRarm, is fully inflatable, and only weighs about half of a pound. However, it is able to carry five whole pounds, and […]

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Spiny Finger Grippers for Outer Space

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) has been working on a way to grasp onto asteroids to hold on while drilling into them. Ideally, you want some system that can reliably anchor a robot to an uneven surface while simultaneously providing enough downforce in microgravity to allow for sample collection, and this is where the microspines come […]

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Japanese Sushi Robot


The title may be a little misleading, while this robot does make sushi, it is in fact a complex robotic hand with interesting technology to actuate it. Skip to the middle to see the pneumatic actuators for the finder tips. The bladders are inflated and deflated to provide the actuation needed to grasp the delicate food without crushing […]

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