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Indestructible robot crawls through fire

Try to burn it, run it over, or freeze it, and it just keeps on crawling. Developed by Michael Tolly of Harvard University and his team, the pink X-shaped robot is completely soft, with no rigid skeleton. At 65 centimeters long, this robot has a battery capable of running for 2 hours on a single […]

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16-gram Hexapedal Robot

This tiny little bug weighs in at an impressive 16 grams. The lightweight, simple construction is achieved through  “Smart Composite Microstructures” (SCM). The SCM process follows a few simple steps that essentially create a sandwich with rigid composites on the outside with flexible polymer inside. By controlling the location of the flexible polymer, the resulting structure can […]

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Omnidirectional Vehicle

This is one of the most versatile robot I’ve ever seen. It has 6 legs, and interchangeable leg pads to do everything from driving around to climbing nets to picking up objects using its legs. The robot can even drop down to only a few inches off the floor and “crawl” forward to get under obstacles. Currently, the […]

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NOVA: The Great Robot Race

Teams compete in the DARPA Grand Challenge by creating and programming a completely autonomous robot in attempts to successfully navigate itself through 142 miles of desert terrain in less than 10 hours. See how the different teams approached this problem through various hardware and software implementations! Among the competing teams include Carnegie Mellon University and […]

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Stompy Is Coming


The people who designed Big Dog and PETMAN are at it again—this time to build a massive ridable hexapod. This particular hexapod seems to have been designed to avoid the pains of traffic: standing at over six feet from the ground, it can easily walk over and around stopped traffic: Visit the project website here http://projecthexapod.com/blog/ […]

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Alpha Dog

Some of you may remember the big dog, a prototype support system for the US Marine Corps.  AlphaDog Proto is the upgraded version of the original, highly successful Big Dog. Although it is still a lab prototype for the Legged Squad Support System, it already demonstrates some impressive qualities. When fully developed the system will […]

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Sand Flea Off-road Robot

An obstacle is in your way? Well with Boston Dynamic’s latest, you can simply jump over whatever is in your path. Equipped with a CO2 powered piston, the “sand flea” is a off-road bot that can carry a camera and take footage of hard to reach places. The video shows some of the amazing maneuvers this can accomplish. Surprised that it always […]

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