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Flexible robot grippers


The human hand is a marvel of biological engineering and is, without a doubt, incredibly valuable. So if you had to cope with a robotic, two-fingered hand for the rest of your life, chances are you would be more than a little nervous. Aside from the “inconvenience” of having your hand spontaneously morph into an […]

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Real-Life Cyborg?

After losing both of his arms to an electrical accident, Les Baugh now has 2 brand-new robotics arms. Thanks to the John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Baugh can control both of these arms, which are attached wirelessly to his nerve endings, with his mind. The future is bright for both Baugh and for prosthetic […]

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The Robotic Arm: Controlled by the Mind

Paralysis has always been an especially pressing issue for those people who have it, as they lose their ability to move around and perform simple daily functions. Even when we look at state-of-the-art examples of technology and robotics used to their best, we see that there isn’t much progress in terms of using technology for […]

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3D Printed Exoskeleton for Children

Awesome video about awesome people who use awesome technology to make the world a better place; this video is a must see for people of all ages and interest groups. The exoskeleton design featured in the video is one that has been used on adults before. There is nothing novel about the design of the […]

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Custom-Made Prosthetic Legs

The concept of prosthetic limbs is not new; they’ve been around for a while, to replace limbs that no longer exist. Never before, however, have they been custom-made. Prosthetic limbs have always been made in terms of how medically acceptable they are, which makes sense, since they do have a lot to do with the […]

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Robot That Will Beat You at Rock-Paper-Scissors Every Time

This research focuses on creating a robot to play rock-paper-scissors with a 100% winning rate as one example of human-machine cooperation systems. Human being plays one of rock, paper and scissors at the timing of one, two, three. According to the timing, the robot hand plays one of three kinds so as to beat the […]

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Passive Walking Robot

Imagine if a robot could move without using any power at all. Sounds ludicrous, right? But a new robot make by the Nagoya Institute of Technology does this: the robot requires no motors, electricity, or anything of the sort to move. Just a little push. The robot moves with only it’s own weight. Made of […]

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