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Knife Orchestra

Have you ever been in the kitchen, slicin’ and dicin’, and just wondered to yourself, “Man, this experience would be so much better if I had some Bee Gees and automatic knives!” Well, look no further! Created by Niel Mendoza, the Electric Knife Orchestra consists of 16 knives and 1 meat cleaver, which combine to […]

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Walking Lanterns


You know what’s missing from your garden or lawn right now? Of course, robots! Your garden is absolutely missing robots. Especially the sort with lots of legs and big lights on their heads. People often have to get down on all fours to move lamps and lanterns from one spot on their garden to another. The […]

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Film Technology

Technology in the film industry keeps improving all the time, as most of us have seen in many recent films and animations. It’s been used to superimpose images, duplicate faces, create monsters, and even to animate more realistic hair. So, let’s take a look at a few interesting uses for technology on the set! +80 […]

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Robotic Spider Weaves Web

Alright, maybe I exaggerated a little when I said “robotic spider.” This spider is more of a robotic arm, but that doesn’t make the feat of weaving a web any less impressive. MIT’s Media Lab is developing a robot that is weaving a cocoon-like structure with a little programming help from humans. Eventually it will be autonomous Right […]

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100,000 LED Spheres Flowing Down a River

During the Tokyo Hotaru Festival, 100,000 illuminated LED spheres were released into the Sumida River. The swarm of lighted balls was meant to mimic fireflies floating down the river in the moonlight. The majestic sight was captured in some of the beautiful photographs below. (By the way, the LEDs were later collected and did not […]

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