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Hitchhiker bot

Admit it. What do you usually do when you see a hitchhiker on the side of a street? Ditch ‘em, not hitch ‘em, right? What if there was a robot there instead? Built by Frauke Zeller, a Ryerson University communications professor, hitchBOT is complex enough to hold a conversation with other people. Within a few […]

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Robot bellhop!

“Beep”, chirps a slim, R2-D2-esque robot, dancing as it receives yet another good review from a satisfied customer. In a hotel just across from Apple’s corporate campus in Cupertino, California is the new robot bellhop/butler, aptly named “Botlr”. Standing at a menacing 3 feet tall, and racing around at break-neck speeds of up to 4 […]

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Build a house in hours!

We’ve all seen those construction projects that go unfinished for months, taking up lots of sidewalk space. Fear no more, pedestrians! Thanks to a new 3D printing technique devised by a Chinese company, WinSun, you can have a new house in a matter of hours. It’s patented reinforced gypsum panels and cement building components can […]

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Foldable robot

While folding robots may not be anything out of the ordinary these days, researchers at MIT and Harvard have come up with a new type of folding robot.  The robot, made of paper and polystyrene plastic (aka Shrinky Dink material), can assemble itself and walk away to do whatever it needs with with no human interaction/input. Now, […]

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Samsung’s new robot vacuum

These days, robotic cleaners are very commonplace; no one is surprised anymore when they see an iRoomba or Neato robotic vacuums roaming around. Samsung then decided to hop into the already-established yet still growing family of robotic vacuums by unveiling the VR9000H. Of course, it has some tricks that separate it from the rest of the […]

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Bionic fingers help you grab stuff

Have you ever been told to “get a grip”? Well, with this spiffy new robot, you can do just that! Developed by researches at MIT, the new “supernumerary robotic fingers” are two long digits, mounted on the user’s wrist. A special algorithm allows the digits to move in accordance with the wearer’s actual fingers. The algorithm […]

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Robot Parks your Car

With the future bearing gifts: swarms of automated cars, that is, it’s only right that you have a way to park your self-driving car. Serva Transport Systems has now given us just that.  Debuting at Düsseldorf Airport in Germany, the robot valet, dubbed Ray is equipped with forklifts to help move the cars in and out of the airport […]

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