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Self Guiding Bullets

Snipers are often regarded as the most dangerous person on the battlefield. With this technology from DARPA, they are just that much deadlier. Often faced with moving targets and harsh winds, snipers risk giving away their platoon’s position with every shot they take, and need to make their shots and accurate as possible. DARPA has […]

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Balloon Animal Bot?

Clowns are creepy. But the balloon animals they make are great! Don’t you fret, because RE2 Robotics has got your back! The Highly Dexterous Manipulation System, or HDMS, includes dual robotic manipulator arms mounted on a movable humanoid torso, which can be easily mounted onto a robotic platform to perform a multitude of tasks. As […]

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Exoskeleton Makes you Buff

Ever wanted to be able to pick up heavy cars like Iron Man, or throw giant mountains around like Superman? Well, with the FORTIS Exoskeleton, you still can’t. However, you can do a lot more than you could have before! Developed by Lockheed Martin, the FORTIS Exoskeleton is an unpowered, lightweight suit that gives the […]

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Underwater Sniffer Bot

Contraband smugglers beware: A new underwater robot can now sniff out your “goods” hidden “cleverly” aboard your ships. Developed by researchers at MIT, the football-sized robot, equipped with ultrasound sensors, can ride along the underbelly of a cargo ship along its flat edge to scan the ship’s contents and discover fake hulls and propeller shafts, […]

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BigDog Update, the Cinder Block Hurler

It would be hard to forget BigDog, the robot created by Boston Dynamics that can travel through unstable terrain. In its last update, AlphaDog, it learned to follow a person around. And in this new one, BigDog has learned how to be a weightlifter. In just five years since its conception, BigDog has learned how […]

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BIOswimmer, Marine Defender

In light of the recent discoveries, it seems that robotic fish are all the craze now. The Department of Homeland Security has recently been trying to strengthen security from the water, since the US receives a lot of cargo every day. Because it’s hard to inspect all cargo, it was better to have a robot […]

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Remember BigDog? You know, the robot that stumbled around and could navigate rough terrain like a living creature. Well, the newest version of the dog robot incorporates yet another aspect of a dog: behavior. Made by Boston Dynamics, funded by DARPA, and called AlphaDog, the latest version can actually follow a person around, like a […]

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