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Toa Mata Robot Band

Some would say that we should get back down to the basics when it comes to robot design. If you talk to many people, the basics in robotics would probably go down to something a little smaller in scale than hulking masses of metal… maybe Legos. To be honest, there isn’t very much to say […]

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Mechbass Robotic Guitar

And it looks like robots everywhere will be jazzing up the world of music. And their newest ally? Mechbass, the Robotic Guitar. Another musician here to rock out the party and play some legit music. The Mechbass was made by a Victoria University of Wellington student called James McVay, for his honors project. Using SolidWorks […]

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Piano-Playing Swarm Bots


People often think of composing music as something innately human, that requires the creativity and flexibility of a human mind. Well, that may be true for a while. But for now, robots can actively play music already. This group of swarm robots (Khepera III) was built by the Georgia Robotics and Intelligence Systems (GRITS) Lab. […]

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Vocal Robot

Yamaha made a robot that can sing using Vocaloid software! Working alongside the robot piano, the robot looks like a girl, and it uses the popular Vocaloid software to produce realistic sounding vocals. 00   

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Sound Machines 2.0 String Quartet

Festo is back at it again! Sound Machines 2.0 is made up of 5 robots capable of self-playing musical instruments. After “listening” to a recording of a song, it composes a new piece of music suitable for it to play. Using complex control algorithms, mathematical models, and communication interfaces, each individual instrument-robot can “listen” to […]

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NAO Robot: The Most Amazing Robot Ever!


The NAO robot, made by Aldebaran Robotics, is a platform created to play during the Robocup. Not only does it play soccer, but it has a on board computer that is fully programmable, and an assortment of sensors including an inertial sensor in the case it falls over, a tactile sensor for human interaction, two […]

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“Robots are Cool!” – will.i.am

I’ve shown this video to hundreds of people, and every single one of them has walked away, amazed at how many¬†celebrities¬†and figures in our community think ROBOTS are COOL! Every student in the nation needs to watch this inspiring video which showcases some amazingly popular individuals endorsing robotics. +230   

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