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Air-Powered Lego Car

What do you get when you mix $20,000 and half a million legos?

They see me rollin’, they hatin’

Why, of course! An air powered Lego car!

Build by Raul the Inventor from Romania, this car, (including all the engine parts) is made entirely from lego pieces. Running on compressed air, this car can drive up to 20 km. The engine has 256 cylinders, and over 100,000 parts. But this car isn’t meant for driving around. It’s meant to be an example of what can be done with air, and to serve as a catalyst for more innovation in this field of renewable energy.

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Grape-Stitching Robot

Doctors have to have to calmest hands ever to be able to do some of the work they do, which includes stitching up a laceration wound, incision…etc. Now, even robots can do those tasks, as demonstrated by this robot.

This robot is extremely precise, and Da Vinci uses it to perform minimally invasive procedures.

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$9 Computer

Next Thing Co. has just released CHIP, a mini computer with an open source operating system, pre-installed software, 1 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM, and 4GB of storage. In other words, you may want avoid processor-intensive tasks.

While users still have to provide their own peripherals (mouse, keyboard) and monitor, Next Thing Co. is certainly on the right track of trimming the fat that comes with many other computers sold at much high price ranges.

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Robot carries your goodies for you.

Love to shop ’till you drop, but hate carrying your spoils of war from store to store? Hate shopping, and hate carrying all of your friend/significant others’ stuff? Former or latter, anyone related to a shop-a-holic will love this new robot.

Scheduled to come out this July, the Budgee robot is a lightweight, three-wheeled bot, capable of carrying up to 50 pounds of goodies, and can operate for 8 hours on one battery charge. Using a small transmitter you carry on you, the robot is able to track and follow behind you from a preset distance. Through its smartphone app, the Budgee is able to warn you if you get away from it, and can also be controlled from the app.

Currently on kickstarter, this bot is sure to swarm to success at its debut.

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Robot Cowboy

No fancy hat. No spurred boots. The latest rendition of the iconic western cowboys is now…a robot.

Built by a team from the University of Sydney’s Australian Centre for Field Robotics, the four-wheeled remote-controlled robot, Rover has been tested in rounding up cattle. The cows have been quite accepting in allowing a robot to control them, even groups upwards of 150 cattle were calmly and efficiently herded. That’s probably because cows are stupid and don’t fear robots the way the should.

No matter the reason for its success, Rover has performed so well that future Rovers will be used to gather data at night, monitor pregnant cows, as well as to find holes in fences and problems in the soil.

Starting at $1 million, there’s just another job taken away by robots. Sorry cowboys.

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