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Smart chairs ferry the leg-hurt across lengthy lines


For once, Tesla isn’t the star of the show. +10   

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Robot Cheetah-Hurdler


This robot world just took a huge leap into the future. Literally and figuratively. Developed by MIT researchers, this Cheetah bot has improved from its last showing last year, where it was able to run at 10 miles per hour. This time, it’s shown to be able to jump hurdles, much like a human can. […]

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You all remember Spot, that cute and adorable yellow dog from those children’s books, right? Well this Spot will turn that Spot into a red spot on the ground. Developed by Boston Dynamics, Spot is Big Dog’s younger sibling, has 4 hydraulic legs, a sensor for a head, and some crazy ability to take abuse […]

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Walking Lanterns


You know what’s missing from your garden or lawn right now? Of course, robots! Your garden is absolutely missing robots.¬†Especially the sort with lots of legs and big lights on their heads. People often have to get down on all fours to move lamps and lanterns from one spot on their garden to another. The […]

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COMAN, COmpliant huMANoid

Most humanoid robots in the past have had a fatal flaw. With stiff joints that could potentially whack someone who they work alongside or lose balance and fall to the ground, most humanoid robots aren’t necessary fit to work with other people. But COMAN was created with the sole purpose of fixing this problem. Meet […]

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The Robot Walks Among Us

We see a lot of biped walking robots, but scientists at the University of Arizona have taken a lot of effort to make one with a human-like step. Instead of out brain doing all the work to control walking, we use a small part of our bodies located on our lower back called the central […]

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Humanoid “Swimbot”

In an effort to better understand and model the kinds of movements and forces exerted by olympic swimmers have developed a half scale humanoid robot. The 3D printed bot mimics the arm and leg strokes of a swimmer. The robot can’t swim anywhere near as quickly as a human can. Yet… Humanoid robots are in […]

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