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Mantis, Giant Hexapod


Seems like giant robot vehicles are all the fad lately! With robots like Stompy and Kuratas, when are we going to be able to drive these things on the streets? Two tons in weight. Nine feet tall. Six Legs. Fifty Horsepower. This monstrously awesome robot is probably the closest we’ll get (separately from the other […]

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bookBot: The End of Manual Book Searching

I often think back on times where I have gone to my local library, and spent insane amounts of time searching for books to no end. It has become a tedious task that I could presume has had a negative impact on my literary choices. So, as with most modern problems, what is the solution? […]

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Xenex and the War on Germs

Some of you may be familiar with the idea that UV light can kill small microbes within their vicinity. In light of this fact, St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center has adopted two robots called Xenex to destroy potentially dangerous microbes using bursts of UV light. A surprising fact is that 5%-10% of patients admitted to […]

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The Robotic Arm: Controlled by the Mind

Paralysis has always been an especially pressing issue for those people who have it, as they lose their ability to move around and perform simple daily functions. Even when we look at state-of-the-art examples of technology and robotics used to their best, we see that there isn’t much progress in terms of using technology for […]

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EASE Hovercraft

The existence of flight robotics is tenuous at best. Its primary problem comes from finding ways to fuel the robot efficiently while still maintaining functionality, which has caused problems in the past. But this newest creation by CyPhy Works takes an innovative and yet somehow also strange perspective on this issue. The EASE robot hovercraft […]

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Romotive: Personal Robot

Ever since the movies of personal robots first came into existence, mankind has dreamed of having one of their own. But so far, many of these personal robots have been on both extremes of the spectrum, either plastic toys or incredibly expensive machines. With Romotive, however, a mere iPhone or iPod Touch can be used […]

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Kuratas Battle Mech

Oh boy have I got to get one of these. This hulking goliath moves around like a boss and is the newest vehicle and awesome fighter. At 13 feet tall and weighing 4.4 tons but carrying a hefty price tag, this monster is just too legit. This simple how-to video displays the basic functions of […]

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