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Perching UAV


Stanford University has developed a plane that can land on and take off of walls vertically! Latching on with miniature hooks on “claws,” the unmanned vehicle can approach a vertical surface at about 22 mph, and drastically slows as it nears the wall. Its claws are controlled to extend and release when prompted, and it […]

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High Speed Robotics Hand

Robotic hand technology in the last decade has largely focused on making the machines simpler and lighter. This setup, while neither lightweight nor simple, displays an extraordinary precision and speed. These fingers are able to dribble a ball 10 times per second, using multiple high speed cameras to track the motion of the ball. The hand is amazingly […]

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CubeStormer II

We knew the day was coming. Everyone knew that it would happen, sooner or later. And it finally did. A robot beat the world record for solving a Rubik’s Cube. Made of Lego NXT parts and powered with an Android smartphone, the robot solves a 3×3 Rubik’s cube in an astounding 5.35 seconds. That’s 310 […]

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Vocal Robot

Yamaha made a robot that can sing using Vocaloid software! Working alongside the robot piano, the robot looks like a girl, and it uses the popular Vocaloid software to produce realistic sounding vocals. 00   

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K-Glove Anti-fatigue Hand

Repetitive tasks can get dull and boring, but they can also be unhealthy because of the repeated stress they put on your body. Your muscles easily fatigue when grasping tools for extended periods of time. NASA and General Motors collaborated to take technology from the NASA Space Robots and bring it to back to earth […]

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Soft Walking Robot


Jello that moves This research by led by chemist George M. Whitesides has accomplished much in the field of soft polymer robotics. This robot shown is am all-polymer robot that can undulate, crawl, and navigate obstacles. The control wires leading off the back are the only things that provide input to the structured jello that is then able […]

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Omnidirectional Vehicle

This is one of the most versatile robot I’ve ever seen. It has 6 legs, and interchangeable leg pads to do everything from driving around to climbing nets to picking up objects using its legs. The robot can even drop down to only a few inches off the floor and “crawl” forward to get under obstacles. Currently, the […]

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