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Two Robotics Arms “In Sync”

A few years back, Industry standards were revolutionized by the “FANTA Can Challenge” A robot arm was able to weave in and out through six soda cans. They have taken this to a whole new level by having three robotic arms working together to move the soda cans and a pin to create the same weaving effect. […]

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Augmented Reality Glasses

Google is just awesome They have these augmented reality glasses … They would work to enhance your life, and look darn good on the models in the article. Watch the video below for a really cool demo of “what these can do for you during day to day life” I dont know about you guys, but I […]

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Parallel Parking at its Best


Ever thought parallel parking was hard? Well this robot disagrees. I sometimes have to drive an extra block to find a large enough spot to park in… This will hopefully solve those problems! +110   

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The Rise of Electronic Music

Here is one of the earliest forms of electronic music, “The Robots” – Kraftwerk’s use of technology to create the what was once perceived to be the “future of robots” is humorous in retrospect. We now know robots do so much more than walk and talk in funny ways +10   

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Quantum Levitation


This is really cool, some of you may have seen the original demo of this concept a few years ago, when they went on a straight track. Then the quantum levitation people used a circular track. Now they have multiple cars, going around a pretty crazy track in my opinion  take a look, its something straight out of a […]

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Lego Engine?

I challenge you and your FLL teams to build this epic lego engine!! #myengineisbetterthanyourengine? Seriously though… I wonder how much horsepower… Apparently these engines are actually available for purchase at +40   

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“We Stopped Dreaming”


I’d love to share a speech by Neil Degrasse Tyson. Hes a really cool guy who is a big proponent of NASA, and in general funding for robotics, science and technology. One of my favorite speeches is his one called “we stopped dreaming” its really inspirational for me at least, and I always think.. our generation wont have a NASA […]

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