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Book Scanning Bot

Most of us don’t find scanning books a particularly arduous task. However, most of us don’t realize just how many pages a book has, and how difficult it is to get an accurate scan of any given page. And that’s why the University of Tokyo made a revolutionary book scanning robot that could scan 250 […]

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Juggling Disney Robot

If you want to juggle with someone who will never drop the ball, then come to Disney! Disney Research has recently been working on more interaction between entertainment robots and guests at its theme parts, that juggles and throws balls with a human player. The robot uses the video provided by an external camera, and […]

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Piano-Playing Swarm Bots


People often think of composing music as something innately human, that requires the creativity and flexibility of a human mind. Well, that may be true for a while. But for now, robots can actively play music already. This group of swarm robots (Khepera III) was built by the Georgia Robotics and Intelligence Systems (GRITS) Lab. […]

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Prosthetic Ankle, AMP-Foot 2.0


Yet another prosthetic limb has entered the world. But why is this one special, you might ask? The end goal of prosthetic limb development is always to make a prosthetic that can go above and beyond the original limb, uses energy efficiently, and emulates the natural motion of the actual body part. Well this is […]

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Brief Update on Wave Gliders

Recently, I wrote an article about the Wave Gliders made by Liquid Robotics, and here’s a brief update with its interaction with Hurricane Sandy. As many of you may know, Hurricane Sandy has been destroying much of the East Coast of the US. It has been ripping up trees and destroying internet connections, and hurting […]

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KUKA has made a new line of quick and efficient robotic arms! The AGILUS can work on six axes at very high speeds. It also has very short cycle time, so it can perform things quicker and more efficiently than conventional robots, and can run on its own integrated energy supply. With its added versatility […]

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Autom for Dieting

The newest form of dieting? Well robotic, of course. And now, we have the newest motivational robot for dieters, Autom. Autom is a cute little robot that seems like just another thing on your table. It’s an interactive robot with information about many thousands of types of food, monitors when you sleep, and more, that […]

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