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Hi Everyone, Let’s get back on track! With the impending end of build season for the FIRST Robotics Competition, which we are a part of, it must be hard for many of us to relax and remember that we just passed Valentine’s Day 2013. But in light of this recent holiday, let us have fun […]

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Happy Holidays!

Hi Everyone, This is just a little something that Google made to celebrate the holidays, even for the little robot that can’t party it up like its human counterparts. We’re here for you, robots, and we come in peace… with Android OS devices. So happy holidays everyone! I hope everyone is having a great winter […]

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Goosinator in Denver

To the casual observer, the Goosinator is quite a funny robot. It’s almost neon orange with bright yellow glaring eyes, zips as fast as 25 mph, and emits an incredibly annoying whine. What is its purpose? To scare away the many geese that infest Denver’s parks. In the city of Denver, there were often complaints […]

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Blind Juggler Robot

A few articles ago I wrote about a robot for Disney that can juggle balls with people. Well, this robot is a bit lonely, maybe because of its lack of eyes (visual sensors), and its talent would never have been discovered had it not been built by two members of the Swiss Federal Institute of […]

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The Robotic Arm: Controlled by the Mind

Paralysis has always been an especially pressing issue for those people who have it, as they lose their ability to move around and perform simple daily functions. Even when we look at state-of-the-art examples of technology and robotics used to their best, we see that there isn’t much progress in terms of using technology for […]

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HyTAQ, The Robot That Could Fly (And Roll)

For most aerial vehicles, it is difficult to maintain energy efficiency when they have to work against gravity. On the other hand, most ground-restricted vehicles do not have the freedom that aerial vehicles do. At the same time, it seems difficult to combine the two. The HyTAQ (Hybrid Terrestrial and Aerial Quadrotor) is unique in […]

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Kenshiro: The Robot with Muscles

We’ve seen a wide arrangement of biologically-inspired robots lately. But this next one might scare you a bit, since it does take a substantial leap into the robopocalyptic future. This robot, made by the University of Tokyo and coined Kenshiro, has human-like bones and muscles, one step closer to having humanoid robots that move just […]

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