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Walking Cube

We’ve all seen moving robots with wheels, rotors, and legs such as Big Dog, quad-copters, and many more. The new Cubli robot, like the before mentioned, can move, but unlike them, is a cube. That’s right. Developed by researchers at the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, this […]

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ZenRobotics Recycler

One of the bigger problems with modern recycling is the quantity of recyclable material that goes to landfills. By some estimates, up to 80% of waste that potentially could be recycled ends up going to landfills. On the other hand, manually sorting materials is both expensive, tedious, and sometimes dangerous. What’s the world to do? […]

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Robot Dragonfly


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have an affordable flying camera that follows you around? You know, when you’re trying to film yourself skiing, set up a security system, or get a companion when you actively move around? Well, to such a concept, most would turn to the natural world. And what animal is […]

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Book Scanning Bot

Most of us don’t find scanning books a particularly arduous task. However, most of us don’t realize just how many pages a book has, and how difficult it is to get an accurate scan of any given page. And that’s why the University of Tokyo made a revolutionary book scanning robot that could scan 250 […]

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Brief Update on Wave Gliders

Recently, I wrote an article about the Wave Gliders made by Liquid Robotics, and here’s a brief update with its interaction with Hurricane Sandy. As many of you may know, Hurricane Sandy has been destroying much of the East Coast of the US. It has been ripping up trees and destroying internet connections, and hurting […]

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Robot Janitorial Submarine

One of the biggest problems with our environment today is the buildup of trash. Not many of you may realize that 14 billion pounds of garbage are dumped into the ocean annually. However, all of this is hidden in the murky depths of any water source. And so someone made a robot to clean it […]

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Android Companion: Be the Robot

Now for a pretty fun robot. Meet BERO. Short for Be the Robot, BERO is a robot controlled through Bluetooth and can be made to move from the phone. It looks strikingly similar to Google’s Android, but since the creators have not officially received Google’s permission, the current robot looks slightly different. BERO is a […]

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