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ZenRobotics Recycler

One of the bigger problems with modern recycling is the quantity of recyclable material that goes to landfills. By some estimates, up to 80% of waste that potentially could be recycled ends up going to landfills. On the other hand, manually sorting materials is both expensive, tedious, and sometimes dangerous. What’s the world to do? […]

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Robot Octopus Movement

So from last year, we have this incredible robotic tentacle, able to grip things and move flexibly and naturally. The main purpose of that project was for fitting into tight spaces. But how can we emulate an octopus’ incredible movement? This video shows the motion research that a group of researchers from the Foundation of […]

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Exciting Record for Miles Driven in Space

The last people on the moon were three: Eugene Cernan, Ronald Evans, and Harrison Schmitt. These three people piloted the Apollo 17 mission, and in December of 1972, Cernan and Schmitt were able to take a joyride on the moon in their Lunar Roving Vehicle. They traveled 19.3 nautical miles (22.210 “regular” statute miles) on […]

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The Assistive Robot Manipulator and Emotiv Epoc


As a given, some disabled people cannot perform daily tasks regularly. An amputee may not be able to even brush their teeth, or touch and hold objects, for example. On the other hand, conventional solutions such as prosthetics and service robots are expensive and difficult to control. What’s the solution? Oh, what do we have […]

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Fly, Robot Fly


So after seeing so many large-scale robots, people would be shocked to find out that the next great leap is creating a super-tiny robot. But the fact remains that making an effective tiny robot is also hard, and has incredible potential. So small insects… flies? This is a nifty robot fly, made by researchers at […]

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Pole-Vaulting Quadrocopters

How do robots without hands, flying in mid air, catch an inverted pendulum (a thin pole) with such precision, and throw it back and forth? With that blunt opening statement, this is Pole-Vaulting Quadrocopters! So what is this thing? Well, it’s a Masters thesis made by Dario Brescianini, a student at ETH Zurich’s Institute for […]

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Festo Robot Dragonfly

It’s amazing how great minds can think alike. At the end of last year, TechJect created this robot dragonfly, and now, we have another super cool one to join it in the skies! Compared to the TechJect Dragonfly, it’s clear that the BionicOpter is a little bit more like an actual dragonfly. It has two […]

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