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Mantis, Giant Hexapod


Seems like giant robot vehicles are all the fad lately! With robots like Stompy and Kuratas, when are we going to be able to drive these things on the streets? Two tons in weight. Nine feet tall. Six Legs. Fifty Horsepower. This monstrously awesome robot is probably the closest we’ll get (separately from the other […]

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bookBot: The End of Manual Book Searching

I often think back on times where I have gone to my local library, and spent insane amounts of time searching for books to no end. It has become a tedious task that I could presume has had a negative impact on my literary choices. So, as with most modern problems, what is the solution? […]

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COMAN, COmpliant huMANoid

Most humanoid robots in the past have had a fatal flaw. With stiff joints that could potentially whack someone who they work alongside or lose balance and fall to the ground, most humanoid robots aren’t necessary fit to work with other people. But COMAN was created with the sole purpose of fixing this problem. Meet […]

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Cyro, Robot Jellyfish

Remember our little RoboJelly, from so long ago? Well let’s take a look at its bigger cousin, Cyro. Cyro is a robotic jellyfish created by Virginia Tech College of Engineering, modeled after the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish. Sporting a 5’7″ diameter bell (on average) and weighing 170 pounds, Cyro is the closest to a human-sized jellyfish […]

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Toa Mata Robot Band

Some would say that we should get back down to the basics when it comes to robot design. If you talk to many people, the basics in robotics would probably go down to something a little smaller in scale than hulking masses of metal… maybe Legos. To be honest, there isn’t very much to say […]

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“Wrapping” Robot Snake

Now I know, robot snakes aren’t by far new. Snakes, with their sleek bodies, lack of appendages, and smooth movement, have been the inspiration for useful robots all around. For example, this little robot. But now, scientists at Carnegie Mellon’s Biorobotics Lab have taken it a step further with a robot snake that can wrap […]

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Salamandra Robotica II

You know, a lot of robots these days are pretty specialized for some purpose or another. But here we have a robot that can navigate both water and land. Psyche! Actually, it’s not the fact that the Salamandra Robotica II robot is multifunctional that makes it interesting. The reason it’s so unique is because of […]

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