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BigDog Update, the Cinder Block Hurler

It would be hard to forget BigDog, the robot created by Boston Dynamics that can travel through unstable terrain. In its last update, AlphaDog, it learned to follow a person around. And in this new one, BigDog has learned how to be a weightlifter. In just five years since its conception, BigDog has learned how […]

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Human-Robot Interactions in the Kitchen with Snackbot

This robot goes sort of more in the direction of psychology and human-robot interactions. Snackbot here has been around but recently it has been showing some interesting science of interaction. Snackbot has actually existed for quite a few years; it was created by students, faculty, and office workers at Carnegie Mellon University. Basically, the Snackbot […]

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Fun with Oreos!

As a deviation from all serious robots that go around Earth helping people, let’s take a look at a little robot that was made by physicist David Neevel to remove the cream off of Oreos. This will be the end of this article; the video is self-explanatory and pretty entertaining. Food is fun! +30   

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Going Batty: Robot Bat Wing


Bats are some of the most dynamic fliers around. Unlike insects, with one joint at the base of the wing, or birds with three wing joints, bats have a stunning twenty-five joints. These joints allow bat wings to change in more precise shapes, making them more maneuverable and controlled. And researchers from Brown University have […]

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“Penguins: Spy in the Huddle” and the Robotic Penguins

As they say, in order to understand someone, you must step into his or her shoes. In this case, to understand penguins, you need to step into the penguins’ snow, rocks, and furry little bodies. This documentary, called “Penguins: Spy in the Huddle” features nearly a year’s worth of film with 50 different spycams. […]

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Marionettebot, the Robot Mannequin

This sketch from MADtv shows a killer mannequin… So now some of you might be eternally afraid of mannequins now. No? Well maybe this next robot will show you how afraid you should be (not really). Meet Marionettebot. This robot is a mannequin that mirrors the moves of humans who stand in front of it. […]

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Xenex and the War on Germs

Some of you may be familiar with the idea that UV light can kill small microbes within their vicinity. In light of this fact, St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center has adopted two robots called Xenex to destroy potentially dangerous microbes using bursts of UV light. A surprising fact is that 5%-10% of patients admitted to […]

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