Marionettebot, the Robot Mannequin

This sketch from MADtv shows a killer mannequin…

So now some of you might be eternally afraid of mannequins now. No? Well maybe this next robot will show you how afraid you should be (not really).

Meet Marionettebot. This robot is a mannequin that mirrors the moves of humans who stand in front of it. As it looks through the glass with its glassy, soulless eyes, mall shoppers will want to buy whatever outfit the robot is wearing. This robotic mannequin has proven to be a hit with many shoppers who pass by its case. In some cases, the robot can turn around and pose so that people can see the clothing in true movement. But in many other cases it’s just a challenge to see whether the mannequin can dance the same way you can!

Marionettebot uses Kinect technology to monitor the movements of shoppers in front of it. While this has proven useful for getting the right shape and movement, the Marionettebot also isn’t quite fast enough to move like a perfect mirror; it has a hangtime of about half a second. The motor uses sixteen wires to match the pose.

Now all we have to wait for is when mannequins leave their display cases and mix in with the general public. Yay?

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