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Finger-ring reads books to the blind

According to the World Health Organization, 285 million people are visually impaired, with 39 million of them being blind. To assist the visually impaired in reading, researchers from the MIT Media Lab have recently developed a ring-shaped device that will read to the wearer. After putting the device on their finger, the user runs that finger […]

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MIT’s new exoskeleton arms

Need a hand? Two? Look no further! Thanks to a team of researchers at MIT’s d’Arbeloff Laboratory, a set of robotic arms have been developed which can be mounted on your shoulders or waist. Now…where have I seen that before? Meant to augment actual arms, these robotic arms instead base their movements off of the movements […]

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RoboClam digs through…well…anything!

Ever have underground cables that need quick repair but have no implement to help? Well fear no more! Designed by Amos Winter, a professor of mechanical engineering at MIT, the robot takes pointers from the Atlantic razor clam a large mollusk found along the Atlantic coast of North America. Through analyzing how it burrows through muddy […]

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Traditional sprinklers simply spread water over an area, which leads to lots of water wasted and uneven watering. Droplet wants to change all that with its eponymous robot. Instead of blindly spraying water around like Bill & Lance with a Spread gun, Droplet knows where your plants are and aims at them like Mr. Mundy in Doublecross. When […]

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Google Smart Contact Lenses

Wearable devices have quickly changed the way we interact with each other, making  technology much more intimate than once seemed possible. Google, again, as always, is taking this intimacy to a whole new level. The tech giant has recently unveiled a new plan to make a smart contact lens. However, this gadget isn’t going to […]

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Walking Lanterns


You know what’s missing from your garden or lawn right now? Of course, robots! Your garden is absolutely missing robots. Especially the sort with lots of legs and big lights on their heads. People often have to get down on all fours to move lamps and lanterns from one spot on their garden to another. The […]

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Robot cleans windows

Just unveiled at CES 2014, Ecovac Robotics’ Winbot can wash all windows of any thickness and size. Winner of an International CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Award, Winbot 7 can scan and calculate the size of your window, calculating a customized path to clean them with its microfiber pads, not unlike the iRobot on […]

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