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Meet Darwin, a robot that learns from its mistakes


Today’s robots are usually programmed by someone clacking away at the keyboard in order to make them perform a task, as mundane as they may seem to us humans; 20 lines of code could constitute as little as less than a second of activity in the real world. The obvious problem with this, then, is that coding often […]

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Ebola Killing Bot

With the deadly virus Ebola ravaging through Africa, and even prompting a scare in Dallas, a company in Texas has developed new type of disinfection bot. Named “Little Moe”, this machine uses bright bursts of UV-C light to quickly disinfect a room. According to the company, the robot’s light bulb, which contains Xenon, can kill […]

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Google Smart Contact Lenses

Wearable devices have quickly changed the way we interact with each other, making  technology much more intimate than once seemed possible. Google, again, as always, is taking this intimacy to a whole new level. The tech giant has recently unveiled a new plan to make a smart contact lens. However, this gadget isn’t going to […]

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Battlecry 13

This last weekend, I attended Battlecry 13 at  Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). With 48 teams in attendance, Battlecry is one of the larger and more competitive off season events here on the east coast. I took a whiteboard and a dry erase marker, and set off on a mission to talk to as many teams as I could […]

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Spreading The Word Abroad in Hsinchu, Taiwan


Two members of FIRST Team 846, Michael Lin and Akshat Agrawal, traveled to Hsinchu, Taiwan this spring break and spread the word of FIRST and our project throughout various schools and even got to talk to the mayor of the city! The mayor’s way of finishing the phrase? “Because Robots make life easier and more efficient” […]

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