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Xenex and the War on Germs

Some of you may be familiar with the idea that UV light can kill small microbes within their vicinity. In light of this fact, St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center has adopted two robots called Xenex to destroy potentially dangerous microbes using bursts of UV light. A surprising fact is that 5%-10% of patients admitted to […]

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Mechbass Robotic Guitar

And it looks like robots everywhere will be jazzing up the world of music. And their newest ally? Mechbass, the Robotic Guitar. Another musician here to rock out the party and play some legit music. The Mechbass was made by a Victoria University of Wellington student called James McVay, for his honors project. Using SolidWorks […]

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Book Scanning Bot

Most of us don’t find scanning books a particularly arduous task. However, most of us don’t realize just how many pages a book has, and how difficult it is to get an accurate scan of any given page. And that’s why the University of Tokyo made a revolutionary book scanning robot that could scan 250 […]

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Oodles of Noodles, Chinese Noodle-Slicing Robot

Noodles, noodles, everywhere. One of the more common foods in China is noodles, lots of them. You can find them around almost every corner, each with a different style. What’s more, they are lots of different varieties, like lamian or udon. And one of the most common forms of noodles is freshly sliced noodles. That […]

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PR2, Personal Robot Butler


As some of you might know, the PR2 robot made quite a stir when it first came out for sale. It is roughly the size of a person, and has a mobile base sitting on four casters, a movable torso, a head, two arms, a wide array of sensors, and sixteen cores for calculation. These […]

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Robotic Insects… Attack!

Here we are to talk about the recent popularity of robotic insects. I know some of you won’t be too psyched by the fact that people are imitating robot behavior using robots, but you also have to admit that insects hold certain advantages as well, some including efficient and stable flight, ability to hide quickly, […]

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BIOswimmer, Marine Defender

In light of the recent discoveries, it seems that robotic fish are all the craze now. The Department of Homeland Security has recently been trying to strengthen security from the water, since the US receives a lot of cargo every day. Because it’s hard to inspect all cargo, it was better to have a robot […]

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