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Automated Robot Garage

Recently, automatic parking garages are becoming more an more popular. These automated “robo-garages” are able to deliver cars to designated parking spaces with only the swipe of a ticket by using a moving platform. Although they cost $25,000 to $50,000, they reduce a lot of the space needed. One of the major concerns with the […]

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Inflatable Robot Arm

In general, robot arms are usually bulky and heavy, which sometimes makes them impractical in usage. However, this new robotic arm made by iRobot will change it all. This new robotic arm, called AIRarm, is fully inflatable, and only weighs about half of a pound. However, it is able to carry five whole pounds, and […]

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Robotic Cameraman

A few days ago, we featured a concept for a “smart home” from microsoft. This man has developed a robot for the smart house concept that allows people to film themselves with a camera that tracks their movements and follows them around. Though the robot in the video may seem bulky and complex, the technology […]

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Microsoft’s Future Home


Imagine your own future home, what does it look like? Buildings that made up our homes had evolved. Today pipes and wires are all hidden behind the wall that we don’t notice using them. Tomorrow we will see the computer system are hidden, while amazing functions are right in front of your eye. +30   

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EMIEW2, Social Robot

Recently Hitachi unveiled a new version of its humanoid robot, EMIEW2. This robot can distinguish between different voice and converse with people. It can move around on bumpy surfaces, and it is overall a very interactive robot. But that’s nothing new. Have you ever lost something in the void, and never seen it again? Wait […]

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Glove One

Cell phones or robot gloves? The fight begins. Made by Bryan Cera, artist and designer, Glove One is an invention that will change the phone communications industry. Users, rather than pulling out a cell phone and calling someone, can now just talk into their glove. It is an exchange of one hand for the privilege […]

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Self-Charging Robot

For mobile robots, one of the most crucial tasks is charging. Forgetting to charge a robot will stop it from working, which could potentially lead to complications. So this leads to the question: how could robots charge themselves instead of having to make humans remember to charge them? Meet Melvin. He looks normal in most […]

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