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Most people think that robots have to have some sort of functionality or ability to make it cool. However, in a splendid imitation of biological systems, people have designed, built, and programmed some interesting robot plants, that look good and act natural. A while back, MAKE, a technology magazine, held a contest to build robotic […]

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Robot Kangaroo

Did you know that when a kangaroo is born, it resembles a pink, hairless worm? And when it matures, it’ll be able to hop forwards at over 40 miles per hour, but won’t even be able to walk backwards! This incredibly realistic robot kangaroo was built by a company called “Robotechnology” for a movie, that […]

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Robot Seagull

Mankind has dreamed of flight like the birds, with the flapping of wings high in the sky. From Da Vinci’s flying machines to the Wright Brothers’ attempted gliders, it has always been wished to fly in the skies like a bird. And here we are, many years later, with an effective flying seagull! Sure, it […]

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Pop-up Fabrication of the Harvard Monolithic Bee (Mobee)

Silicon-based MEMS techniques are useful for sub-millimeter applications. While conventional methods exist to produce larger machines measured in centimeters and beyond, the so-called mesoscale devices remain difficult to manufacture. This video shows a versatile and radically simple fabrication process, loosely based on printed circuit board manufacturing techniques, for creating a topologically complex, three-dimensional machine. In this video, the technology is […]

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‘Living’ Robot for Disease Detection

Called ‘Cyberplasm’, it will combine advanced microelectronics with latest research in biomimicry. The system, loosely based on a sea lamprey, will have an electronic nervous system, ‘eye’ and ‘nose’ sensors, as well as artificial muscles that use glucose as an energy source to propel it. The intention is to engineer and integrate robot components that respond […]

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