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Cyro, Robot Jellyfish

Remember our little RoboJelly, from so long ago? Well let’s take a look at its bigger cousin, Cyro. Cyro is a robotic jellyfish created by Virginia Tech College of Engineering, modeled after the Lion’s Mane Jellyfish. Sporting a 5’7″ diameter bell (on average) and weighing 170 pounds, Cyro is the closest to a human-sized jellyfish […]

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“Wrapping” Robot Snake

Now I know, robot snakes aren’t by far new. Snakes, with their sleek bodies, lack of appendages, and smooth movement, have been the inspiration for useful robots all around. For example, this little robot. But now, scientists at Carnegie Mellon’s Biorobotics Lab have taken it a step further with a robot snake that can wrap […]

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Salamandra Robotica II

You know, a lot of robots these days are pretty specialized for some purpose or another. But here we have a robot that can navigate both water and land. Psyche! Actually, it’s not the fact that the Salamandra Robotica II robot is multifunctional that makes it interesting. The reason it’s so unique is because of […]

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Going Batty: Robot Bat Wing


Bats are some of the most dynamic fliers around. Unlike insects, with one joint at the base of the wing, or birds with three wing joints, bats have a stunning twenty-five joints. These joints allow bat wings to change in more precise shapes, making them more maneuverable and controlled. And researchers from Brown University have […]

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“Penguins: Spy in the Huddle” and the Robotic Penguins

As they say, in order to understand someone, you must step into his or her shoes. In this case, to understand penguins, you need to step into the penguins’ snow, rocks, and furry little bodies. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=t0xsZH7C2Iw This documentary, called “Penguins: Spy in the Huddle” features nearly a year’s worth of film with 50 different spycams. […]

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Hi Everyone, Let’s get back on track! With the impending end of build season for the FIRST Robotics Competition, which we are a part of, it must be hard for many of us to relax and remember that we just passed Valentine’s Day 2013. But in light of this recent holiday, let us have fun […]

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Goosinator in Denver

To the casual observer, the Goosinator is quite a funny robot. It’s almost neon orange with bright yellow glaring eyes, zips as fast as 25 mph, and emits an incredibly annoying whine. What is its purpose? To scare away the many geese that infest Denver’s parks. In the city of Denver, there were often complaints […]

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