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Robot Water Snake

Now I’ll admit; this probably isn’t one of the most appealing robots to think about when considering just what might lurk under the depths of water. Originally, you could only find dangers like sharks or irukandji jellyfish in the ocean, but this robotic snake could show up in your backyard! Though hopefully that won’t be […]

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Robot Dragonfly


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have an affordable flying camera that follows you around? You know, when you’re trying to film yourself skiing, set up a security system, or get a companion when you actively move around? Well, to such a concept, most would turn to the natural world. And what animal is […]

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Robotic Insects… Attack!

Here we are to talk about the recent popularity of robotic insects. I know some of you won’t be too psyched by the fact that people are imitating robot behavior using robots, but you also have to admit that insects hold certain advantages as well, some including efficient and stable flight, ability to hide quickly, […]

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BIOswimmer, Marine Defender

In light of the recent discoveries, it seems that robotic fish are all the craze now. The Department of Homeland Security has recently been trying to strengthen security from the water, since the US receives a lot of cargo every day. Because it’s hard to inspect all cargo, it was better to have a robot […]

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Robot Tentacle

It’s a squid, it’s an octopus, it’s… it’s a robot tentacle. This Robot Tentacle is unique in that it can grasp things softly without breaking them. It’s a soft robot, so it is able to move very flexibly and easily. This newest soft robot tentacle can curl around a flower and not damage it. The […]

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Remember BigDog? You know, the robot that stumbled around and could navigate rough terrain like a living creature. Well, the newest version of the dog robot incorporates yet another aspect of a dog: behavior. Made by Boston Dynamics, funded by DARPA, and called AlphaDog, the latest version can actually follow a person around, like a […]

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“SAMARAI” Maple Seed Robot


What benefits can a robotic maple seed bring to mankind, you ask? Maple seeds, while they might look innocent as they spiral down in the wind, are actually quite efficient fliers. And so, to emulate this efficient flight, Lockheed Martin created the SAMARAI. Named after “samara” for maple seed, the SAMARAI has one wing and […]

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