Robot Dragonfly


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have an affordable flying camera that follows you around? You know, when you’re trying to film yourself skiing, set up a security system, or get a companion when you actively move around? Well, to such a concept, most would turn to the natural world. And what animal is well known for its ability to hover and move around quickly and stably? The dragonfly, of course!

Built by TechJect at Georgia Tech, this robot dragonfly features two pairs of wings at each end of the robot body. It’s very light, weighing less than an ounce, and able to hover for 10 minutes and fly for 30 minutes, powered by a lithium polymer battery. It has an on-board computer and multiple sensors that all allow for stable flight.

And what would one use such ability for? You could take aerial photography, or spy on your neighbors, or use it as a new gaming platform. If you had a swarm, you could even use them for surveillance. Whatever the situation, though, these robotic dragonflies might be around very soon. They’re planning to be released at only around $99, which primarily aims to make these robots affordable for the common person. And with customization, such as shades of color, wing types, and more, everyone can fit his or her own tastes. What’s more, they can be custom-made with different on-board tools, such as GPS and wireless communication.

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