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Avatar: Fiction, or Reality?

I’m not going to lie, when avatar came out, I thought it would be awesome to have your own remote control body. Innovators have come up with just that! Something that seems like it is straight out of the movie “Surrogates” the Teslar V robot can revolutionize the way humans interact. With applications that range […]

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Robotic Surgery: You’re in Good Hands!


Hopefully in the near future, Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci robot will make it possible for top notch surgeons to perform procedures around the world without ever having to travel farther than their own hospitals! Folding a paper airplane takes a lot of dexterity, and this robot makes it look simple. Remotely controlled surgery can save […]

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Robotic Monsters

Ever wonder how movie monsters are made? Most people would think they’re just hunks of pixels or digitally altered people. Perhaps that’s becoming more and more the case as the field of computer graphics advances, but there are still companies out there that make monsters from scratch. Check out this demo reel by Spectral Motion, […]

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LEGO Turing Machine

A team from Aarhus University uses Lego Mindstorms to create a Turing Machine. The video is overdramatic, but they include an extensive blog about building and programming the machine. +40   

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“Robots are Cool!” –

I’ve shown this video to hundreds of people, and every single one of them has walked away, amazed at how many celebrities and figures in our community think ROBOTS are COOL! Every student in the nation needs to watch this inspiring video which showcases some amazingly popular individuals endorsing robotics. +230   

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That Creepy Crawly! It’s Big, Scary, Wooden, and Functional

Engineering extends beyond simply making life more convenient. Plenty of people do it for its entertainment and recreational value. Take, for example, this walking table, an arachnid-like workspace that will travel with you. +40   

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Water Resistant Spray

Looking for a practical application of technology? This company used a little bit of nanoscience to help and create superhydrophobic spray. The spray on material repels liquids so well that the surface wont even have a drop of water on it. I’m buying a can of this as soon as I can and spraying all of my clothes so […]

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