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Bionic Eye

People with vision problems have always lived troubled lives, having to navigate around without one of the most important senses of the human species. But that’s all about to change. Researchers at Second Sight, an organization trying to help those with eye problems, have developed the Argus II, a revolutionary vision system that allows people […]

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Printed Paper Robot

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is leading an ambitious new project to reinvent how robots are designed and produced. Funded by a $10 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the project will aim to develop a desktop technology that would make it possible for the average person to design, customize and print […]

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One Step Closer to Avatar’s AMP

Remember, in Avatar, when Colonel Quaritch is in the AMP (amplified mobility platform) and he can control a giant robot\’s hand by moving his own in a glove, well Festo has once again designed something extremely similar to that but on a smaller scale. These 3D-printed gloves make all movements extremely precise and can amplify […]

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Rat Brain Robot

We know that computers, robots, and many automated machines have control systems that are make out of logic gates. But those machines can\’t learn unless they run advanced programs. Here is a robot controlled by brain cells that doesn\’t need to be programmed, and has its own intelligence. +20   

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Robot Seagull

Mankind has dreamed of flight like the birds, with the flapping of wings high in the sky. From Da Vinci’s flying machines to the Wright Brothers’ attempted gliders, it has always been wished to fly in the skies like a bird. And here we are, many years later, with an effective flying seagull! Sure, it […]

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NAO Robot: The Most Amazing Robot Ever!


The NAO robot, made by Aldebaran Robotics, is a platform created to play during the Robocup. Not only does it play soccer, but it has a on board computer that is fully programmable, and an assortment of sensors including an inertial sensor in the case it falls over, a tactile sensor for human interaction, two […]

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Google’s Prototype Auto-driving Car


Recently, Google has been testing a prototype of an auto-driving car. Sounds absurd, but its true! Using the Toyota Prius as the medium, members of the project have used a spinning laser on top of the car to sense the environment in all directions. Inside the car, a GPS receives input from the laser, and […]

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