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Pop-up Fabrication of the Harvard Monolithic Bee (Mobee)

Silicon-based MEMS techniques are useful for sub-millimeter applications. While conventional methods exist to produce larger machines measured in centimeters and beyond, the so-called mesoscale devices remain difficult to manufacture. This video shows a versatile and radically simple fabrication process, loosely based on printed circuit board manufacturing techniques, for creating a topologically complex, three-dimensional machine. In this video, the technology is […]

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Robot… Bartender?!

Robots seem to be able to do anything nowadays — fold towels, juggle, and in this case, even make you a martini! Yup, it’s a completely automated robot bartender. Not only can it mix drinks, but it’s made completely out of legos! I mean, even though this is an older robot, can you get any […]

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Automated Dorm


Now this is pretty awesome. A freshman attending UC Berkeley recently released a video of his “BRAD,” or “Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm.” Features? Automated window blinds, music, lasers, lights, and more — all capable of being controlled via voice, mobile apps, and most importantly, a large red button. After all, who doesn’t love pressing buttons? […]

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Mechanical CPU Clock

This clock represents the inner working of a modern cpu in a mechanical manner. Just like a CPU, it contains registers, ALU, memory, Buses, and a Control Unit. To display the time, the middle register uses binary numbers to indicate the hour (a reading of “0010” indicates 2 o’clock, for example). For minutes, the clock uses […]

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Robot Riding a Bicycle

Who knew robots could ride bikes? This balancing act is completely autonomous with the robot accounting for changes in its center of gravity by leaning side to side. A human can then use a remote control to change the direction of the robot. +60   

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Quad-rotors Juggling

The accessibility of the quad-rotor design is allowing many developers to work with autonomous functionality that highlights the stability and dexterity of these flying machines. This video shows two of the bots flying and juggling a ball between them. The most impressive part, all this is done using sensors on the flying robots without any human input. The robot […]

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UC Berkeley Robot Autonomously Folding Towels

A cute little video of a robot folding towels it has never seen before! The project was led by UC Berkeley Ph.D. student Jeremy Maitin-Shepard working with Professor Pieter Abbeel. The video is shown at 50X speed. More details can be found in the paper at +10   

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