Self Guiding Bullets

Snipers are often regarded as the most dangerous person on the battlefield. With this technology from DARPA, they are just that much deadlier.

DARPA’s new self-guiding .50 caliber sniper rifle round.

Often faced with moving targets and harsh winds, snipers risk giving away their platoon’s position with every shot they take, and need to make their shots and accurate as possible. DARPA has recently developed a new technology to help them do just that. DARPA’s Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance (EXACTO) program (what a fitting name) created a system that uses real-time optical guidance to steer the bullet into a moving target, regardless of weather.

In many live-fire tests, it was shown that even the most novice of marksmen could hit moving targets with this 50 caliber round, and this project looks like it has hit the bulls eye.

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