Balloon Animal Bot?

Clowns are creepy. But the balloon animals they make are great!

Ever wanted to be rid of the clown, but keep their balloon animals?

Don’t you fret, because RE2 Robotics has got your back! The Highly Dexterous Manipulation System, or HDMS, includes dual robotic manipulator arms mounted on a movable humanoid torso, which can be easily mounted onto a robotic platform to perform a multitude of tasks.

As demonstrated, those skills may include balloon animal making! However, funded by DARPA, this robot’s 11 DoF system, 90 degrees/second joint movement, JAUS or ROS communication protocols,  AEODRS architecture…etc make it more suitable for military purposes/missions. These missions include manufacturing, healthcare, and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD), so don’t worry clowns; you may lose your balloon animal-making job, but at least the robot who took your job will also defuse your bombs for you!

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