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4D Implant Saves Babies


3 baby boys are still breathing today thanks to a new 3D printed 4D bio-material medical implant. Suffering from a severe form of tracheobronchomalacia, which causes the windpipe to regularly collapse, the three boys were each implanted with a custom splint to keep the windpipe open. Using this new bio-material that can change shape over time […]

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Industrial Legos

We all, to some extent, grew up tinkering with Lego bricks, building cascading towers, cool little vehicles, or just trying to get that annoying little flat piece unstuck from another block. Ugh, just thinking about it makes me frustrated.  Well, now you can relive your childhood with the Uberblox! Consisting of aluminum nodes, bars, and […]

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Water Pipe Inspector

Robots that inspect the insides of water pipes usually use rubber wheels and treads to grip the pipe, which ends up dislodging rust particles that end up in peoples’ taps. To combat this problem, the European Union TRACT project is developing a propeller-driven robot that keeps the pipe-touching to a minimum. Developed by Norway’s SINTEF […]

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Metal 3D Printing

With the popularity of the 3D printer on the rise, there was just bound to be someone to think, “Why use plastics that can snap? Why not just use metal?” Well, here it is, the metal 3D printer! While huge industrial metal 3D printers have been used for around 3 years now, Matterfab, a metal […]

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Underwater Sniffer Bot

Contraband smugglers beware: A new underwater robot can now sniff out your “goods” hidden “cleverly” aboard your ships. Developed by researchers at MIT, the football-sized robot, equipped with ultrasound sensors, can ride along the underbelly of a cargo ship along its flat edge to scan the ship’s contents and discover fake hulls and propeller shafts, […]

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Moving 3-D Printer

While 3D printers are able to print virtually anything, the size of what’s able to be printed is limited by how big the printer is. Well, that isn’t a problem anymore! Researchers from Pontificia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janiero have made a 3D printer on wheels. With 4 omni-directional wheels and an extruder that […]

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Build a house in hours!


We’ve all seen those construction projects that go unfinished for months, taking up lots of sidewalk space. Fear no more, pedestrians! Thanks to a new 3D printing technique devised by a Chinese company, WinSun, you can have a new house in a matter of hours. It’s patented reinforced gypsum panels and cement building components can […]

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