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One Step Closer to Avatar’s AMP

Remember, in Avatar, when Colonel Quaritch is in the AMP (amplified mobility platform) and he can control a giant robot\’s hand by moving his own in a glove, well Festo has once again designed something extremely similar to that but on a smaller scale. These 3D-printed gloves make all movements extremely precise and can amplify […]

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NAO Robot: The Most Amazing Robot Ever!


The NAO robot, made by Aldebaran Robotics, is a platform created to play during the Robocup. Not only does it play soccer, but it has a on board computer that is fully programmable, and an assortment of sensors including an inertial sensor in the case it falls over, a tactile sensor for human interaction, two […]

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Study Shows That Humans Attribute Moral Accountability to Robots

A study was conducted recently to see if humans attribute moral responsibility to robots. The experiment was simple. The robot would play a game, and after the game is over, make a mistake and tell the person playing that they have lost. The results: 65% of the┬áparticipants attributed some level of moral accountability to┬áRobovie for […]

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Robot Riding a Bicycle

Who knew robots could ride bikes? This balancing act is completely autonomous with the robot accounting for changes in its center of gravity by leaning side to side. A human can then use a remote control to change the direction of the robot. +60   

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Avatar: Fiction, or Reality?

I’m not going to lie, when avatar came out, I thought it would be awesome to have your own remote control body. Innovators have come up with just that! Something that seems like it is straight out of the movie “Surrogates” the Teslar V robot can revolutionize the way humans interact. With applications that range […]

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