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Robot Self Awareness

When you look into a mirror, can you recognize that you are looking at your own reflection? Hopefully you can; humans are among a select few animals (including primates, elephants, and dolphins) that are able to distinguish that they are looking at their own reflection. With such few organisms being able to accomplish this seemingly simple task, it is […]

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The Robot Walks Among Us

We see a lot of biped walking robots, but scientists at the University of Arizona have taken a lot of effort to make one with a human-like step. Instead of out brain doing all the work to control walking, we use a small part of our bodies located on our lower back called the central […]

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Robot That Will Beat You at Rock-Paper-Scissors Every Time

This research focuses on creating a robot to play rock-paper-scissors with a 100% winning rate as one example of human-machine cooperation systems. Human being plays one of rock, paper and scissors at the timing of one, two, three. According to the timing, the robot hand plays one of three kinds so as to beat the […]

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Humanoid “Swimbot”

In an effort to better understand and model the kinds of movements and forces exerted by olympic swimmers have developed a half scale humanoid robot. The 3D printed bot mimics the arm and leg strokes of a swimmer. The robot can’t swim anywhere near as quickly as a human can. Yet… Humanoid robots are in […]

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Biped Hopping Robot

This interesting little robot is trying to overcome one of the biggest challenges of bipedal robots, keeping the system stable. The team at the University of Notre Dame is expoloring this challenge by using their robot KURMET for investigating non-steady-state dynamic maneuvers such as jumping. Legged robots offer advantages in terms of mobility over uneven terrain and, […]

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Japanese Sushi Robot


The title may be a little misleading, while this robot does make sushi, it is in fact a complex robotic hand with interesting technology to actuate it. Skip to the middle to see the pneumatic actuators for the finder tips. The bladders are inflated and deflated to provide the actuation needed to grasp the delicate food without crushing […]

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Joggobot Pacekeeper

Have any of you tried to get fit and run at your school’s track during the summer by yourself? Well, I know I have, and each time I would get bored and lonely then end up stopping in around fifteen minutes. Thanks to the Joggobot, a companion and pacekeeper for runners can track you and […]

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