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EMIEW2, Social Robot

Recently Hitachi unveiled a new version of its humanoid robot, EMIEW2. This robot can distinguish between different voice and converse with people. It can move around on bumpy surfaces, and it is overall a very interactive robot. But that’s nothing new. Have you ever lost something in the void, and never seen it again? Wait […]

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Robotic Hand Juggling

The high speed robotic hand from Japan has some new moves. This time, its trying to impress us by juggling! The high-speed hand and arm has an even higher speed vision system that allows the robot’s controller to plan for catches and throws (up to nearly 2 meters in height) at a breathtaking 500 frames per […]

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Jamming Robotic Gripper

This video fascinated the world when it was first released. The robot is comprised of a balloon filled with coffee grinds. Simple… and the revolutionary concept of “jamming” the particles together by drawing a partial vacuum has allowed this hand to grasp a wide variety of objects that even humans have a hard time holding on to. […]

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High Speed Robotics Hand

Robotic hand technology in the last decade has largely focused on making the machines simpler and lighter. This setup, while neither lightweight nor simple, displays an extraordinary precision and speed. These fingers are able to dribble a ball 10 times per second, using multiple high speed cameras to track the motion of the ball. The hand is amazingly […]

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Vocal Robot

Yamaha made a robot that can sing using Vocaloid software! Working alongside the robot piano, the robot looks like a girl, and it uses the popular Vocaloid software to produce realistic sounding vocals. 00   

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K-Glove Anti-fatigue Hand

Repetitive tasks can get dull and boring, but they can also be unhealthy because of the repeated stress they put on your body. Your muscles easily fatigue when grasping tools for extended periods of time. NASA and General Motors collaborated to take technology from the NASA Space Robots and bring it to back to earth […]

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Chief Cook Robot

It looks like the robots are taking over the food preparation industry too! Made by a group of students from LASA (Learning Algorithms and Systems Laboratory), the Chief Cook Robot can learn how to prepare and cook food after being taught just one time. By moving the robot’s limbs around manually the first time, the […]

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