Robot Janitorial Submarine

One of the biggest problems with our environment today is the buildup of trash. Not many of you may realize that 14 billion pounds of garbage are dumped into the ocean annually. However, all of this is hidden in the murky depths of any water source. And so someone made a robot to clean it up.

Now, if you were to ask the Little Green Men from Toy Story, they would probably sit at the bottom of the ocean, and say, in a mystical voice, “the Claw…” However, as simple as this robot is, it serves a very vital function. This robot has been dragging trash from the Chicago River, and the results are pretty dramatic.

The majority of the trash is just simple trash. However, there have been very random, like the objects in the video: a chair, a jug of moonshine, and an anchor. But what these objects reveal is that there is a lot more trash in the water systems that people don’t realize.

Using this robot, hopefully more people will realize just how much trash is in our waterways, and take incentive to clean it out. It’s a small robot, but the purpose it serves is one that will be no easy feat. Let’s just hope we can get all of that trash out!

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