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Shimi, Robot DJ

Ever wanted your own personal DJ that could follow you around and get used to what kind of music you liked? Well that just might become a reality. Shimi is a robot DJ who essentially becomes your own musical companion. It has hi-quality speakers and learns from how you react to certain musics through a […]

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Robot Interaction and Trustworthiness

A study on college students has shown how people distinguish trustworthiness based on behavior. First, the experiment was done with humans, and the researchers found that a lot of the time, distrust was associated with four visual cues: clasping of┬áhands, crossing arms, touching the face or leaning away. To test this, researchers used a robot, […]

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Robot Water Strider

First, we had Jesus to walk on water. Then we had the water strider, able to glide and bounce on water freely without falling in. And now, we have a robot to do it too. Robots that are able to stay on the surface of water are not new. However, most older robots cannot actually […]

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Moth Cyborg

Scientists are pulling yet another fictional robotic character into real life… it’s a cyborg. Well, not really. The Robo-Moth is actually a moth’s brain attached to a robotic vehicle. It’s something that robotic engineers have been striving at for ages; although insect brains are miniature compared to ours, their senses are much more finely tuned. […]

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Robotic Snails


Yet another robot animal has come to save us all. Made by a research team at MIT, the RoboSnail was created to mimic the snail’s unique ability to travel on all kinds of strange surfaces. The key to the snail’s crawling technique is the slime that it travels on. This material is special in that […]

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Meet “Hexy” the Affordable Hexapod

Joseph Schlesinger has been working on bringing affordable robotics kits to people everywhere. His highly successful kickstarter for the project quickly gained popularity and catapulted Hexy, the small, cute hexapod robot into the spotlight. Though the robot has little practical application, at $200 it is a great introduction to robotics for kids and hobbyists […]

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“The [Robot] Blob”

Straight out of the 1958 science-fiction movie, “The Blob,” the Chembot is an amorphous blob that will hopefully be helping soldiers on the battlefield! Made by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) of the Pentagon, the Chembot is able to change between a semi-liquid and solid state with the inflation or deflation with air. By […]

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