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NOVA: The Great Robot Race

Teams compete in the DARPA Grand Challenge by creating and programming a completely autonomous robot in attempts to successfully navigate itself through 142 miles of desert terrain in less than 10 hours. See how the different teams approached this problem through various hardware and software implementations! Among the competing teams include Carnegie Mellon University and […]

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Printed Paper Robot

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is leading an ambitious new project to reinvent how robots are designed and produced. Funded by a $10 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the project will aim to develop a desktop technology that would make it possible for the average person to design, customize and print […]

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Stompy Is Coming


The people who designed Big Dog and PETMAN are at it again—this time to build a massive ridable hexapod. This particular hexapod seems to have been designed to avoid the pains of traffic: standing at over six feet from the ground, it can easily walk over and around stopped traffic: Visit the project website here […]

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Study Shows That Humans Attribute Moral Accountability to Robots

A study was conducted recently to see if humans attribute moral responsibility to robots. The experiment was simple. The robot would play a game, and after the game is over, make a mistake and tell the person playing that they have lost. The results: 65% of the participants attributed some level of moral accountability to Robovie for […]

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Helen Greiner Creates Real Life R2-D2

Co-founder of iRobot is one of many of Helen Greiner’s claims to fame. She is truly an extraordinary pioneer of robotics and has advocated their use for “everything from sniffing out bombs along Baghdad roadsides to exploring pyramids in ancient Egypt to mopping a kitchen floor.” She was inspired by R2-D2 in Star Wars to create […]

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Robotic Monsters

Ever wonder how movie monsters are made? Most people would think they’re just hunks of pixels or digitally altered people. Perhaps that’s becoming more and more the case as the field of computer graphics advances, but there are still companies out there that make monsters from scratch. Check out this demo reel by Spectral Motion, […]

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Augmented Reality Glasses

Google is just awesome They have these augmented reality glasses … They would work to enhance your life, and look darn good on the models in the article. Watch the video below for a really cool demo of “what these can do for you during day to day life” I dont know about you guys, but I […]

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