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Flying Jellyfish at NYU

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a… flying jellyfish? Yep, you read right. Those dangerous, poisonous creatures are now the center of attention at New York University, where researchers have recently developed a prototype that mimics a jellyfishes’ movements…but in the air. Meant to aide search and rescue crews and to act as environmental […]

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Pole-Vaulting Quadrocopters

How do robots without hands, flying in mid air, catch an inverted pendulum (a thin pole) with such precision, and throw it back and forth? With that blunt opening statement, this is Pole-Vaulting Quadrocopters! So what is this thing? Well, it’s a Masters thesis made by Dario Brescianini, a student at ETH Zurich’s Institute for […]

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bookBot: The End of Manual Book Searching

I often think back on times where I have gone to my local library, and spent insane amounts of time searching for books to no end. It has become a tedious task that I could presume has had a negative impact on my literary choices. So, as with most modern problems, what is the solution? […]

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“Penguins: Spy in the Huddle” and the Robotic Penguins

As they say, in order to understand someone, you must step into his or her shoes. In this case, to understand penguins, you need to step into the penguins’ snow, rocks, and furry little bodies. This documentary, called “Penguins: Spy in the Huddle” features nearly a year’s worth of film with 50 different spycams. […]

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Hi Everyone, Let’s get back on track! With the impending end of build season for the FIRST Robotics Competition, which we are a part of, it must be hard for many of us to relax and remember that we just passed Valentine’s Day 2013. But in light of this recent holiday, let us have fun […]

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KUKA has made a new line of quick and efficient robotic arms! The AGILUS can work on six axes at very high speeds. It also has very short cycle time, so it can perform things quicker and more efficiently than conventional robots, and can run on its own integrated energy supply. With its added versatility […]

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DARPA Cheetah Robot Breaks World Record… Again!

28.3 miles per hour – that’s how fast this four legged robot can run. The “Cheetah,” developed by Boston Dynamics, had already set the world record for the fastest legged robot earlier this year, reaching a solid 18 miles per hour, compared to the earlier record of 13.1. And somehow, in the matter of months, […]

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