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Popular Science: 7stars

Thought this would be interesting for some math or science people: Recently, Popular Science released their May issue, and on pg 96, there was a small puzzle. The Editors of PopSci have asked the readers to solve this mystery, and its pretty lengthy, and requires you to think way outside the box. The puzzle starts […]

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Women and Social Robotics

To all the women out there, heres an awesome article that describes what unique talents some women are bringing to the table. A field that is heavily pioneered by female roboticists is social robotics, where the robots that we interact with daily are being made more user friendly and aware of their surroundings. Great job […]

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Lego Engine?

I challenge you and your FLL teams to build this epic lego engine!! #myengineisbetterthanyourengine? Seriously though… I wonder how much horsepower… Apparently these engines are actually available for purchase at +40   

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