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Just when you thought it was safe to run into the water to escape the land-robot madness, here comes the Octobot! Swimming at a blistering 7 inches a second, the Octobot, developed by the Institute of Computer Science in Greece, is inspired by the common octopus, using eight arms to swim and chase down its […]

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Moving 3-D Printer

While 3D printers are able to print virtually anything, the size of what’s able to be printed is limited by how big the printer is. Well, that isn’t a problem anymore! Researchers from Pontificia Universidade Cat√≥lica do Rio de Janiero have made a 3D printer on wheels. With 4 omni-directional wheels and an extruder that […]

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Robotic hand performs underwater tasks

To touch, or not to touch. For this robot, the answer is the former, always the former. A hand with three digits, the robot designed by Achint Aggarwal and his team at the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence in Bremen lives to examine the depths of the ocean by touch. With underwater visibility hampered […]

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Indestructible robot crawls through fire

Try to burn it, run it over, or freeze it, and it just keeps on crawling. Developed by Michael Tolly of Harvard University and his team, the pink X-shaped robot is completely soft, with no rigid skeleton. At 65 centimeters long, this robot has a battery capable of running for 2 hours on a single […]

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Motorized Couch

We all have those days where we have to get up and go to school/work, but just want to stay on your couch. Now, you can do both at the same time! Built by engineering students in the University of South Wales, the couch utilizes 4 independent mecanum wheels (which allow for omni-directional movement), which […]

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Vampire-bot uses blood for art

Robots can do anything these days; they can drive cars, engage in conversation, and can even play soccer! But this robot is special. While most robots perform their respective talents with nothing but electricity,¬†Ghost In The Machine needs to drink its creator’s blood to work. Luckily, the robot didn’t suck its creator, Ted Lawson, dry, […]

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Hitchhiker bot

Admit it. What do you usually do when you see a hitchhiker on the side of a street? Ditch ’em, not hitch ’em, right? What if there was a robot there instead? Built by Frauke Zeller, a Ryerson University communications professor, hitchBOT is complex enough to hold a conversation with other people. Within a few […]

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