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The Jumping Sumo

It wasn’t until a few years ago that the French company Parrot decided to start building robots. They weren’t really specialized in that field: they mostly made Bluetooth stuff, speakers, and some fantastic headphones. Recently, they’ve expanded their new family of robots, with a wheeled sumo robot that jumps. In the Jumping Sumo (I have […]

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Two-Legged Quad-copter can perch, walk, and stalk.

We’ve all seen quad-copters before, but one with two legs that can walk? That’s a first. Built by Vishwa Robotics, the robot’s strong claws on the ends of two legs allow the drone to stay upright while not using any power. The legs, modeled after the American Kestrel can also be powered to walk short distances. The […]

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Robot Cowboy

No fancy hat. No spurred boots. The latest rendition of the iconic western cowboys is now…a robot. Built by a team from the University of Sydney’s Australian Centre for Field Robotics, the four-wheeled remote-controlled robot, Rover has been tested in rounding up cattle. The cows have been quite accepting in allowing a robot to control […]

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Desktop Arm

Need to reach that sneaky eraser just out of your reach across the table? Too lazy to get up and reach for that piece of paper for homework? Well, here is the robot for you. Built by a small company called UFactory, the uArm is a small version of the large industrial robot arms often […]

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Drones delivering packages?

Tired of waiting those two excruciatingly long days for your Amazon Prime packages to arrive? Well, fear no more (in a year or so)! Amazon has recently (Dec. 2013) released a new idea, revolutionizing the way we receive our packages. Gone will be the days of the delivery-man, for the days of the octo-copters will […]

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Robot carries your goodies for you.

Love to shop ’till you drop, but hate carrying your spoils of war from store to store? Hate shopping, and hate carrying all of your friend/significant others’ stuff? Former or latter, anyone related to a shop-a-holic will love this new robot. Scheduled to come out this July, the Budgee robot is a lightweight, three-wheeled bot, […]

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Recently DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, hosted a day-long robotics competition where robots competed in different disaster-relief events such as clearing debris, opening doors, driving cars…etc. Made by Team Schaft, a team based out of Tokyo, Schaft a 5-foot-tall, 209-pound robot was able to bring stable walking and significant torque power to these […]

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