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Recent Robots for the Elderly

Babyloid Designed by a professor at the Chukyo University in Japan, the Babyloid is a robot that imitates a baby’s behavior. Its aim is to help the elderly feel less lonely and stop depression. Although it looks like a fluffy plush blob, it is actually quite capable. It can produce more than 100 different sounds, […]

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Can Robots Be Our Friends?

I know the answer to that question for me personally is an undeniable YES! just look at the cute, awesome robots that the Yale-led research team have been working on. The group, under the direction of Yale Computer Science Professor Brian Scassellati will spend the next five years developing a new breed of sophisticated “socially assistive” robots for helping people […]

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EMIEW2, Social Robot

Recently Hitachi unveiled a new version of its humanoid robot, EMIEW2. This robot can distinguish between different voice and converse with people. It can move around on bumpy surfaces, and it is overall a very interactive robot. But that’s nothing new. Have you ever lost something in the void, and never seen it again? Wait […]

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MindMentor, Robot Psychologist

MindMentor is a robot developed by two psychologists, and consequently has become one himself! It resides on a website on the web, and charges $8 per hour of therapy. Can it replace a flesh-and-blood psychologist? Probably not. But it’s a heck of a great alternative. Say hi! MindMentor asks question about what’s worrying you, why […]

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Keepon Cute Robot

The simple bloblike shape of “Keepon” belies its subtle complexity. Inside the dancing blob are 4 motors that control its side-to-side and forward and back head bobbing, the rotation, and the up and down motion as Keepon interacts with people. Using cameras located in the eyes, Keepon is able to recognize faces and actively interact with people […]

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Robot Pixels

Imagine if you took pixels off a computer screen, zoomed in, and could watch as they moved in complex patterns in space, changing color all the while. This is what the SENSEable City Laboratory and ARES Lab have been working on. Called Flyfire, the single “pixels” are single gyroscopes that have a controlled flight. They […]

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Touché proposes a novel Swept Frequency Capacitive Sensing technique that can not only detect a touch event, but also recognize complex configurations of the human hands and body. Such contextual information significantly enhances touch interaction in a broad range of applications, from conventional touchscreens to unique contexts and materials. For example, in our explorations we […]

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